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E-Business System

We can help you take control of your business and receive helpful insights

If you allready have an ERP system our solution can extend its functionality without you having to make a big investment on changing existing system and train all your staff

Easy and customibilizable base platform allows our engineers to adapt and automate different processes to suite your needs and save your time on a repetitive tasks

Do more by doing less work and let us automate and streamline all the boring repetitive work 

E-Business Key Features

E-Business covers standard company operations withouth mixing accounting complexity

Core Operation

Warehouse Management
Delivery Planing
Technical Service
Work Track

Sales Chanels

Field Service
B2B Website
B2C Website

Work Automation

Secure Access

Power BI and KPIs

Sales Dashboard
Sales Analysis
Warehouse Performance
Delivery Performance
Account Receivable 

ERP AI - Adding the power of AI to your workforce

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Transform your sales strategy with the unmatched power of ERP AI, where advanced artificial intelligence becomes the cornerstone of your workforce enhancement. 

Picture a sales assistant that not only understands your business needs but anticipates them, offering personalized insights and recommendations that empower every customer interaction. 

ERP AI brings this vision to life, revolutionizing how sales teams connect with prospects and customers. It streamlines operations, from lead management to real-time analytics, ensuring your team is always a step ahead. 

With ERP AI, embrace a future where every decision is informed, every customer experience is tailored, and your sales force is equipped with the tools to excel in the digital age. 

Unlock the potential of AI in your sales process and witness the transformation towards efficiency, insight, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

Discover how ERP AI is redefining the art of selling, making your team not just participants but leaders in the digital marketplace.


Custom solutions development for different industires gave us a wide experience that allows us to satisfy our clients needs without pain


Our architects can recommend, deploy, configure and manage any Azure or AWS infrastructure for you. If you have a system and need help to keep it running and operative, we can help you.

Development Team

Our development team can take your requirements, design the solution and implement it with the leading industry technologies and standards. We have Microsoft certified team members that can handle any type of IT project.

Data Insights

Analytic model, data ingestion and Power BI are the best way to get insights into your business. We can help you close the gap between legacy systems and rich Power BI insights.  

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft CSP reseller we can help your company obtain all necessary Microsoft products as Office 365, Email, Power BI and give you necessary administrative support.

Integrations and APIs

Your systems can be connected and automated by our team trough creation of APIs and automated functions and flows that can save you a lot of manual work.


You just need an advice? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you our professional opinion and generate project documentation that you can use it as you like.

Microsoft Partner

Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud is one of the leading cloud environments in the world (Gartner). Our team has technical capabilities in deploying, migrating, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure, helping our customers make use of secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions. 

Data Analytics

Latest developments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence leaded us to achieve technical capabilities in creating business intelligence solutions and have proficiency in connecting data sources, performing data transformations, and modeling and visualizing data.

About Us

We are a small company that works close with our clients in order to achive mutual goals. Our constant education, many years of dedication and experience in IT technology allows us to develop projects fast and with outstanding quality. 

Our Clients

Commited to our clients satisfaction we present you some of our clients